2019 International Students Class Majoring in International Economics and Trade

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The golden autumn brings fresh air and the fragrance of sweet osmanthus. In this season of harvest, the college has received its first batch of international diploma students. In the afternoon of October 16, the college held opening ceremony for 2019 international  students class majoring in international economics and trade Zhu Longliang, President of the college, Zou Jianhua, vice president of the college, as well as the heads of Academic Affairs Office, students affairs office, foreign affairs office, international business school, fundamental teaching department and other departments attended the opening ceremony.

Zhu Longliang, on behalf of the college, extended a warm welcome to 20  international students from 7 countries at the opening ceremony and introduced the achievements of our school in international exchange and construction of majors. He hoped that every international student can soon adapt to the new learning environment , be familiar with China's national conditions and customs, abide by China's laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of the college, and study professional knowledge diligently to become the link of friendly exchanges between China and their countries after their finish their study in China and go back home.

Since 2017, the college has held four short-term Chinese language and culture training programs that trained 55 international students from five countries. Upon completing their studies, they have a certain understanding of China and deep feelings for the college. Four of them choose to stay to continue their diploma education in the college. Nazia Nishat Tonni, a student from Bangladesh, said that through learning international economics and trade, she hope to engage in international trade with China after returning home, letting more Bangladeshi people know about China and Jiangxi.

Bosom friends make distance disappear. The college will give full play to its foreign-orientedcharacteristic advantages during the course of internationalization, take the policy of The belt and road as the guide to train more international talents who know and love China, building a bridge for international cooperation, and truly realize win-win situation.