Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies participated in “2019 Education Exhibition (Ukraine, Belarus) of Colleges and Universities in Jiangxi”

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From December 7th to 15th, 2019, Tang Yuhong, director of the Foreign Affairs Department of the college, Wang Xianghuan, Russian teacher of the school of European Studies of the College, paid a visit to Ukraine and Belarus to participate in the“2019 Education Exhibition (Ukraine, Belarus) of Colleges and Universities in Jiangxi Province, China”, sponsored by Jiangxi Provincial Education Department and the Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangxi People’s Government.


During the education exhibition held in Ukraine and Belarus, 25 institutions in our province had in-depth communication with 44 Ukrainian and Belarusian institutions, and more than 70 cooperation agreements were signed by two sides on the spot including the ones our college signed with four universities: Odessa National Maritime University, South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky. Vitebsk State University Named After P.M. Masherov, and Polotsk State University, the Republic of Belarus. We have reached cooperation intentions in projects such as mutual visits of teachers, 2+2 diploma education for students, exchange of  students, etc., which create conditions for joint schooling, co-construction of majors, and resource sharing of two sides, establish platform for cultural exchange between the two sidesand provide an opportunity for our students majoring in applied Russian to go abroad for further study and improve their academic qualifications.