JXCFS held “2021 New Journey of the Youth and Striving for the 14th Five-year Plan" New Year's Gala

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On the evening of December 23, the New Years Gala titled “2021 New Journey of the Youth and Striving for the 14th Five-year Plan was held in the indoor gymnasium of our college. Director General Xie Yiping and some other leaders from Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, all the college leaders and heads of various college departments as well as nearly 3000 teachers and students attended the celebration.


The gala highlights a variety of songs, dances, and comedy, among which the exuberant African Dance “This Time for Africa” by the international students of the college ignited the atmosphere and won bursts of applause. The gala came to a successful conclusion in the magnificent dance “Our New Era”.


This wonderful gala reflects the distinctive school-running characteristics of the college, the graceful youth and positive spirit of our students.